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New pricing effective
May 7, 2024.

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Subscription agreement

  • 6 months consulting agreement
  • Monthly payments
  • After 6 months NextRound will continue working on the deal with no monthly payments in pursuit of the 2%

New pricing effective
January 1, 2024.

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3 Month Plan

  • 3 months contract
  • US$503 messaging fee
  • US$2000 Single
    payment due at signing

6 Month Plan

  • 6 months contract
  • Monthly payments
  • NO US$500 messaging fee
  • After 6 months we can mutually elect to continue working on the deal with no monthly payments in pursuit of the 1%

$499 USD/month 3 months MINIMUM. At the 90-day mark clients can extend on a month-to-month basis at $499/month for up to an additional 3 months

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Professional Outreach

  • Minimum 3 Months

Michael Porteous

CEO and Founder

Our Team

A note from our CEO about our pricing...

We will work on this from Setember 1st to April 1st. 

Our research from PitchBook indicates you may currently be in the process of raising a Series A or B round for your company. 

We are taking on 25 new clients for a September 1st launch. In July, we are accepting introduction calls. 

Get organized.

We’ll figure out if we’re the right folks for you. We’ll do all the research. Then we’ve got this summer to fine tune your message. We’re going to launch the campaign on Labor Day. You don’t pay us until then.


Check out the completed deals page. Unlike our competitors, we get deals done. The material on the website is generic at our clients request. However, we are prepared to share details and contact information on our successes. 

NextRound is NOT a licensed broker dealer. We do not need to be. Clients engage on a consulting agreement. 

We are very different from anyone else in the market because our fee structure is perfectly aligned with the interests of the founders. 

  • We charge a subscription fee for a maximum of 6 months. We DO NOT charge our clients in July and December. 
  • We ask for an option to buy 2% of your company at a strike price of 125% post money valuation.
  • We do not get paid when we raise you the money; we get paid when there is an exit. 
  • You get professional messaging, access to our database resources (Pitchbook), weekly outreach, weekly follow up, and bi-weekly strategy sessions with our founder Mike Porteous. 

If you’re interested in learning more about a proven alternative approach, book a call with me, the CEO, and my team. Use the link at the bottom to get on our calendar in July. 

Here is what we have in mind in terms of the calendar and seasonal factors:

  1. July and August are often a desert so let’s use the time to get organized.
  2. A meeting will figure out if we are the right folks to help
  3. We will do intensive research in July to isolate the target group.
  4. In July/August formulating the outreach message
  5. Late August launch (first subscription payment due at launch)

We have a founder-focused approach.

Unlike other firms that make you customize your business to fit their boxes, we tailor our entire process around understanding your unique goals and vision. 

Michael Porteous

CEO and Founder

Our Team

A note from our CEO about our pricing...


Dear Clients, Investors, and Prospective Clients,

I am delighted to present our 6-month report, showcasing the remarkable achievements and significant strides we have made at NextRound. As the CEO of our dynamic organization, I take immense pride in sharing the key takeaways and exciting developments that have shaped our journey over the past months.


  • Conducted interviews with 728 prospective companies and submitted decks.
  • Onboarded 99 new clients.
  • Received interest for 68 clients. (slightly better than feared–I am sure you recall in our introduction call that “normal” is a 75% failure rate)
  • Engaged in calls with at least one VC or family office for 39 clients.
  • Successfully advanced 10 clients into due diligence.
  • We are confident that 3 clients will receive funding, while the status of the remaining 7 clients is uncertain.
  • A comment on timing-As we have a collaborative process and revise messaging as we learn from the audience patience on our part and the clients’ part is very important
  • Some clients get investor calls in the first month and some do not until month 3 or even 5–predicting investor behavior is frankly impossible
  • For companies with no interest, we will focus on messaging and explore referrals to Chris Piedmonte to see if he can help with improving the messaging and/or finding appropriate investors.


  • The upcoming changes in our business model will not affect existing clients.
  • 8 existing clients have voluntarily awarded NextRound an option to buy 1% at a strike price 125% above post-money valuation.


  • NextRound is expanding and will be hiring additional client service resources.
  • The new pricing model will be as follows:
    • $499 USD/month 3 months MINIMUM. At the 90-day mark clients can extend on a month-to-month basis at $499/month for up to an additional 3 months
    • An option to buy 1% at a strike price of 125% of post-money valuation.
    • At the 6-month mark, both parties can mutually agree to continue working at zero cost to pursue the 1%.
    • If funding is not secured, the 1% option fee will be returned.


We will be providing additional resources for the following:

  • Improved outreach and follow-up to our network and investor database.
  • Deck and messaging services to clients via Neoterra Capital and Neoterra Ventures.


We will be accepting a maximum of 50 clients on September 1 and March 1, with no other enrollment periods.


  • When we reach out via LinkedIn or email, we will provide a brief 1-minute video and request submission of the client’s deck.
  • All decks will be thoroughly reviewed by Mike, the Advisory Board, and Neoterra Capital.
  • Prospective clients deemed a good fit will receive our agreement and a schedule link to book a call with Mike.
  • Prospective clients who are not fit will receive detailed feedback via email.


  • We have received 3 endorsements/testimonials, which will be posted on our website.
  • Closed deals and tombstones will be posted shortly.

At NextRound, we remain dedicated to providing competitively priced services while delivering results to our valued clients and investors.

Best regards,

Michael Porteous 

CEO, NextRound

Do you have any questions?

Contact our CEO, Michael Porteous.

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Michael Porteous


Jara Khan

Lina Rose

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