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Meet Michael Porteous, who’s changing the game for startup funding.

Unlike our competitors, we get deals done.

The material on the website is generic at our clients request. However, we are prepared to share details and contact information on our successes.



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We are taking on 25 new clients for a September 1st launch.
In July, we are screening potential clients.
Get organized.

Waiting list for April 2024


We do things differently.

Forget about the exorbitant fees, opaque processes, and the frustrating "checklist" approach that other fundraising platforms impose.

We’re here to make your funding journey as straightforward and successful as possible.

No Upfront Fees. No Nonsense.
Just Results.

Tailored Strategies

Every startup is unique, and so should be its path to funding. We customize our approach based on your specific needs, ensuring that you're not just another number in the system.

Extensive Network Access

Tap into our vast network of serious investors—people who are genuinely interested in driving growth and not just profits. With access to tools like PitchBook and strategic partnerships, we put your pitch in front of the right eyes.

Founder-Friendly Fee Structure

We believe in creating value before we claim it. With, you’ll pay no upfront fees. Our success is tied directly to yours, making us partners in your journey.

How to get started

Intro Calls
[Let's learn about each other]
  • 30-minute introductory video call with the founding team 
  • In-depth discussion of business model, goals and challenges
Market Research Phase
  • Competitive analysis and landscape reports generated
  • Customer and industry expert interviews conducted
  • Market sizing, segmentation and 5-year projections built
Investor Profiling
  • Database leveraged to identify the audience for your deal.
  • In-depth profiles created on investment criteria, portfolio, focus areas
Investor Validation
  • Founders' network leveraged for warm introductions and references
  • Public sources and 3rd party databases used to verify profiles
Pitch Materials Development
  • Custom pitch deck and executive summary created
  • Financial models, projections and supporting docs assembled
Materials Finalization
  • Founders provide iterative feedback on all investor materials
  • Pitch refined based on founder comfort and message consistency
Launch Prep Session
  • Mock Q&A practice and final strategy alignment session 
  • Investor meeting schedules coordinated and confirmed
Our singular objective is to book videos calls with qualified investors.

Our fee structure is perfectly aligned
with the interests of the founders.

$999 USD/month 6 months consulting agreement.

After six payments NextRound will continue to work on your file in pursuit of the 2% option with no additional subscription fees.




We serve two constituents: Our clients and Our network of investors.

With 38 years of experience in the capital markets in North America, we specialize in curated target groups of family offices and venture capital firms.

We only accept clients that we can find a substantial target group of investors for. We only send deal flow to investors that actually have something in their thesis or criteria that indicates they want to get your deal. That way investors do not get “junk deals” which reduce or even eliminate the rate at which they review NextRound deal flow.

  • Database leveraged to identify top 50 potential investors
  • In-depth profiles created on investment criteria, portfolio, focus areas

We do the research and let you know the honest scope of the target group available in the market and connect your start-up with the right Investors. That’s why we created

Frequently Asked Questions stands out due to our founder-friendly, no upfront fee structure and our personalized approach. Unlike many other platforms, our fees are performance-based, aligning our success directly with yours. We utilize extensive networks and data-driven insights to connect you with the right investors, not just any investors.

We operate on a subscription basis for a maximum of six months with a unique option. We don’t charge in July and December, and there are no hidden fees. If we succeed in helping you secure funding, we ask for the option to purchase a small percentage of equity at a favorable rate, aligning our incentives with your long-term success.

We specialize in supporting startups that are preparing for Series A and B funding rounds. Our ideal partners are founders who are driven, prepared to scale, and looking for strategic funding partnerships that go beyond mere financial transactions.

We provide comprehensive support starting with a deep dive into your business model, followed by crafting a tailored pitch and refining your presentation. Our team also conducts mock Q&A sessions and helps schedule meetings with potential investors, ensuring you are fully prepared to make a strong impression.

Yes, our Completed Deals page features a variety of case studies highlighting the successes of our clients. These stories reflect the diverse industries and unique challenges our clients face, showcasing our ability to adapt and deliver results.

We offer preliminary consultations to discuss your current position and future goals. If it’s not the right time to start fundraising, we can provide guidance on what steps to take in preparation for a future funding round.

You can book a call through our easy online scheduling system. Just visit and choose a time that works for you. This initial call is an opportunity to discuss your needs and see how we can support your fundraising goals.

While we strive to achieve the best outcomes, not every campaign results in funding. In such cases, we analyze the campaign to understand the challenges and adjust strategies accordingly. Our commitment is to support your growth and readiness for investment, regardless of the immediate outcome.

No, our engagements are designed with flexibility in mind to suit the dynamic nature of startups. You can opt-out after the initial subscription period if you find that our services are not a fit for your needs.

We take confidentiality and security very seriously. All client information is handled with strict confidentiality protocols, and we ensure that sensitive data is protected throughout your engagement with us.

Are you the founder or co-founder of a new start-up in need of capital and you have limited channels for fundraising or exhausted your personal network?

Your interest and Nextround interest are perfectly aligned as we are motivated to market your opportunity and schedule calls for you.

DO NOT PAY a huge retainer with an uncertain outcome.

How it works

1. Submit Your Deck

Submit your Deck and tell us about your business and yourself. Provide us with details such as sector, stage, ip, and send us a non confidential deck.

2. Review

Next we scrub our data base of over 15,000 institutional investors that operate at Seed, and Series A stage - if we can not find enough investors that match you we will tell you and recommend you do not sign up.

3. Connect

We write a teaser email for you. Then we reach out to the names we have discovered for you they get a teaser email and the deck you provide.

The goal is for us to set up a call between you and the investor.

Content Development

Web Analysis

Website Optimization


Product Promotion

Marketing Promote

Our Team

Advisory Board

These valued partners constitute our advisory board. Their role is to help us identify opportunities and curate potential investors.



Chris Piedmonte of Neoterra Capital on behalf of attending the Family Office Super Summit in Fort Lauderdale Florida December 5-7.

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